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Our Plans
NameSpeedDownload limitMonthly cost
W256-1 256k/64k 1 GB$29.95
WS512-10 512k/512k 10 GB$79.95
W512-10 512k/128k 10 GB$39.95
W512-15 512k/128k 15 GB$49.95
WS512-15 512k/512k 15 GB$89.95
WS512-20 512k/512k 20 GB$94.95
W512-20 512k/128k 20 GB$54.95
WS512-25 512k/512k 25 GB$99.95
W512-25 512k/128k 25 GB$59.95
WS512-35 512k/512k 35 GB$109.95
WS512-60 512k/512k 60 GB$129.95
W512-60 512k/128k 60 GB$89.95
WS1024-10 1024k/1024k 10 GB$89.95
WS1024-15 1024k/1024k 15 GB$99.95
W1024-15 1024k/256k 15 GB$59.95
WS1024-20 1024k/1024k 20 GB$104.95
WS1024-25 1024k/1024k 25 GB$109.95
WS1024-35 1024k/1024k 35 GB$119.95
WS1024-60 1024k/1024k 60 GB$139.95
W1024-60 1024k/256k 60 GB$99.95
W2048-10 2048k/384k 10 GB$59.95
W2048-20 2048k/384k 20 GB$64.95
W2048-25 2048k/384k 25 GB$79.95
W2048-35 2048k/384k 35 GB$89.95
W2048-60 2048k/384k 60 GB$109.95

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Standard CPE, fully installed $149.00
Wireless Router $149.00
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